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UKIERI is being implemented with the aim to bring forth a unique initiative that strengthens the bilateral relationship between India and the UK and set an example of best practice in international cooperation. The initiative is working towards developing programmes that meets the priorities and needs of both India and the UK and bring about a systemic change in the educational sector of both India and the UK.

The following values & principles have been embedded into the design and implementation of the initiative across the various programmes being implemented:

  • Mutuality of Benefit
  • Long Term Sustainability
  • Capacity Building
  • Social Inclusion

The longer term objectives of the initiative include:

  • Bringing India and UK together through academic engagement
  • Developing long term sustainable partnerships
  • Developing new institutions and centres of excellence as global knowledge hubs
  • Successful integration between research, education and business needs
  • Enhancing capacities of institutions through development of sustainable initiatives in leadership, skills development and innovation
  • Providing opportunities for joint learning through adapting models, standards and practices prevalent in both India and the UK across sectors
  • Contribution to the mutual recognition of learning

The initiative aims to intensify bilateral exchanges at all levels so that India and the UK become natural partners to shape a better world.