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Phase One Partnerships

Corporate and other partners substantially enhanced the impact and scope of the Initiative.

Post programme evaluation showed their funding, intellectual and professional contribution added much value to the various strands that they were associated with . The association was mutually beneficial and the programme too greatly benefitted from their knowledge and expertise The UKIERI evaluation also revealed that a bespoke is the most successful, based on a careful understanding of the priorities and requirements of each business, their respective footprints and interests, including geographical and thematic focus.

Partnership across strands

The partners engaged across all the strands of UKIERI viz Higher Education, Schools, Professional & Technical skills :

Higher Education

  • Research areas included in call for bids
  • Active matchmaking with bids in areas of interest
  • Expertise contribution through role on advisory committee
  • Engagement in relevant areas of research projects


  • Offered sponsorship of school clusters (India-UK) in preferred areas for CSR activity or of preferred profile
  • Role in evaluating of School bids
  • Contributing/designing curriculum material/staff time to collaborative school projects
  • Project activities matched with CSR objectives
  • Strategic opportunities for employee engagement

Training Links (Professional & Technical Skills Strand)

Specific collaborations were created based on business foot prints of corporate partners

  • GSK and Chemistry
  • KPMG and Financial Services
  • Shell and Oil exploration engineering
  • BAE and Aeronautical engineering


GlaxoSmithKline supports a range of Educational programmes with the aim of developing an understanding of science issues in everyday life and inspiring young people to take up careers in science This is part of their broad commitment to social investment that focuses on healthcare and education Through its science education programmes, GSK works with students, teachers, government bodies and other partners to cultivate communities in which people not only understand the value that science brings to their lives, but also believe that learning about science is rewarding in its own right.

GSK was one of the four Corporate Champions of the UK India Education and Research Initiative The UKIERI-GSK partnership exemplified in fair measure, a robust mutually beneficial partnership between a government supported Initiative and the industry. GSK committed to invest its funding and exoertise in the graduate chemist trainee programme, through which they offered fully funded work placements, to young Indian Chemistry Post-Graduate students, to spend a year in the UK in either their Research and Development or Global Manufacturing Departments This significant contribution to the PTS strand of UKIERI added directly to the Initiative’s key objective, which is to bring about a step change in the UK-India education and research relationship.

GSK’s areas of interests in UKIERI

Research / Higher Education

  • Suspension mixing
  • Low boiling point propellants and thermodynamically sensitive products.
  • Solid to solid interactions and granular material processing transport.
  • Particle size reduction technology and control.
  • Application of unvariate and multivariate sensor technology to the above and statistical process control techniques to assure outcomes.
  • Mathematical modelling and simulation of the above processes.

Professional & Technical Skills

  • Work placement opportunity for up to 20 bright graduate trainee chemists per year from leading Indian universities for R&D and GMS, is a key area of interest to GSK .

UKIERI-GSK Work Placement Programme

56 bright young chemistry post graduate students, tapped from almost 50 leading Higher Education institutions from all parts of India were given exceptional opportunities to work on cutting edge research projects in GSK facilities in the UK– many of which contribute to innovative drug discovery programmes. The students gave very positive feedback on having shared the best practise in R & D from a global pharmaceutical leader. The partnership contributes strongly to the overarching UKIERI objective of improving the understanding of education and research between the two countries.


BAE Systems has a long history of commitment to education at all levels and recognises the importance of investing in the education and skills of young people. In the UK it has an extensive education programme which includes a school road show (which involved 13,000 young people in 2006), online curriculum support for teachers and young people and work experience opportunities. It was because of this commitment to education that it was keen to be involved in the UK-India Education and Research Initiative and to build on their existing presence in India .

Their involvement as a Corporate Champion is across three strands namely Higher Education, Schools and the Professional & Technical Skills strand. BAE Systems is providing Hawk Trainer aircraft to the Indian Air force and the contract is being delivered in partnership with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd which is based in Bangalore. Hence, all India links for BAE systems have a focus on Bangalore.

BAE Systems areas of interests in UKIERI

Higher Education / Research

  • Systems Engineering Research (Collaboration between University of Leicester and IIS Bangalore, UKIERI Major Award winner)


  • Interest in "Train the Trainer" programme, which may relate to its training programmes in Brough, and may involve apprentices. (Partnership between Ayr College Scotland and ITI Karnataka initiated)


  • Interested in schools links for its UK centres in Brough and Derby (School cluster Partnership between Yorkshire and Bangalore doing well)


Although Shell’s biggest contribution to society is through its products, the energy and petrochemicals that growing economies need, its operations also make a strong, positive contribution to development of society at large. Shell is aware of the efforts of the UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI), which aims to create a ‘step change’ in educational relations between India and the UK over the next five years, so that in the longer term the two countries become each other’s partner of choice in education.

Shell does believe that by strengthening inter-institutional collaborations and promoting stronger links to industry and related communities, such an initiative will lead ultimately to India and the UK being each other’s preferred partner In this direction, Shell supports the objectives of UKIERI initiative, which hopes to be flexible and responsive to the needs of these partners so that good ideas that contribute to relevance, sustainability and impact of the partnerships will be welcomed shortly .

Shell’s areas of interests in UKIERI :


  • Smart technologies to manage and operate oil production
  • CO2 Sequestration
  • Petroleomics- Understanding of Crude oils at molecular level
  • Physical Property correlation to molecular structures
  • Clean Coal Technology and Chemometrics


Shell supports two UKIERI school clusters ; one each in Delhi and Bangalore


BP has a long tradition of contributing to communities via education in many different countries. Their social investment programme is focused on sustainability, and they believe that education can give people skills and knowledge required. As a founding member of the UN Global Compact, BP is a recognised leader in corporate responsibility and produces an annual Sustainability Report. UKIERI is a hugely ambitious undertaking which aim to substantially increase research and education links between India and the UK.

When BP first heard about the initiative, they were drawn to it because it builds on powerful existing and historical ties. BP was also impressed with the academic rigour and transparency of the processes being established to select beneficiaries of the project. BP wholeheartedly participated in UKIERI activities, playing an active role in supporting to clusters of UK and Indian schools in Delhi and Bangalore and engaging with some of the joint university research projects.

BP’s areas of interest in UKIERI

Research Interests / Higher Education

Research collaborations in carbon mitigation, renewable energy, catalytic chemistry, process safety engineering, mathematical modelling, separation science, and enhanced oil recovery.


School links have been an area of major interest for BP in UKIERI, and worked with them on two clusters for association in UKIERI, one each in Delhi and Bangalore (to tie up with the Tata BP Solar initiative)